Named after the Greek word for “pendulum”, ECCREMES is a new watch microbrand aiming to bring a unique combination of design and storytelling to the market at an accessible price point. Pendulums clocks after all, were the first precise timekeeping devices and were instrumental to the industrial revolution up until the 1930s.

Founded by a watch enthusiast physicist, fascinated by the experiments that changed our understanding of the world, our brand draws inspiration from Foucault’s pendulum experiment in Paris that proved and measured the earth’s rotation around its axis.

Design references can be found throughout the watch, starting with our brand logo that showcase the pattern Foucault’s pendulum draws in relation to the rotating earth underneath it, the seconds hands modeled after a wire strung pendulum and the engraved caseback with the original device from 1851 displayed at the Pantheon museum in Paris.

We named our first collection ECCREMES Isochron, after a pendulum’s property (isochronism) of having a period that is independent of oscillator amplitude or in layman’s terms, complete a swing in the same time regardless of how big the swing is. It is this property that allows for the accurate measuring of time. Learn more about the collection.